About Us

A & G Coatings are specialist painters and decorators delivering an exceptional standard of quality and service in a timely and cost effective manner. With an extensive product knowledge and high level of skill and performance, our clients are guaranteed satisfaction in our workmanship with every project completed. No project is commenced without firstly making sure that our client is satisfied that we have understood what they desire; in this way, we are able to deliver exactly what has been asked of us to the highest of standard. A high level of customer satisfaction guarantees both repeat business and on-going referrals.

Our services include:

Residential, Commercial and Maintenance Coatings Systems

Restoration and Heritage Work

Accredited for Lead Paint Removal

Thermal Reflective Roof Coating and Roof Restoration

Graffiti Removal and Anti-Graffiti Applications

Environmental Sustainability


Our work is covered by an application warranty; this is in addition to the warranty supplied by the material manufacturer.


Our company has a Public Liability Insurance of $20 million; additional liabilities are covered within State regulations such as WorkCover.


Occupational Health and Safety requirements are rigorously adhered to on all sites ensuring the safety of all individuals.